Common Questions About The Boiler and Burner

Has wood pellet boiler technology been tested in the marketplace?

Wood pellet boilers have been heating homes and businesses in Europe for more than a decade. The AutoPellet boiler was designed and manufactured by OkoFEN the Austrian based pellet boiler experts. The AutoPellet is licensed for manufacture and distribution by Maine Energy Systems for the US market. More than 60,000 AutoPellet units are in service around the world. Lyme Green Heat has installed nearly 70 Autopellet boilers, all with great results.

How long should I expect a pellet boiler to last?

The HVAC industry standard design life for a steel or cast iron boiler is 25 years. With an Austrian designed and constructing heritage the Autopellet boiler should meet or exceed this.

How do I get an official estimate for a system in my home or business?

Call Lyme Green Heat! We will be glad to come to your home or business to explain in more detail how a wood pellet boiler or furnace will integrate into your home. We will inspect your existing system to see what components should be upgraded or replaced as part of your new pellet boiler installation system.

I like to vacation during the winter months, will this system work for me?

Yes, AutoPellet boilers can heat unattended homes and businesses for extended periods of time.

What happens when the power goes out?

Like all heating systems that require electricity to operate, the boiler will not run when the power goes out. It would be a simple matter to keep the boiler going during a power outage with a simple backup battery unit for a computer system, however, there would be no way to circulate that heated water to your house, as the pumps required for circulation require substantially more power than a simple backup would provide. The recommended system is a stand by generator. A licensed electrician can integrate your boilers power supply into the generator transfer switch so your heating system can work even during a power outage.

Is there anyone in my area who currently has one of your pellet heating systems that I can call for a reference?

We have systems installed in homes and business throughout NH and VT. We will gladly put you in contact with them so you can learn more about their experience with the AutoPellet boiler and Lyme Green Heat.

Who will install and maintain my pellet boiler system?

Your system will be installed by Lyme Green Heat’s staff of trained and certified technicians. After years of solid fuel experience our techs are specifically trained to install and service pellet systems. With expert understanding of the nuances of wood pellet storage, fuel delivery and the combustion of solid fuels LGH installed systems will operate properly and efficiently form the first day. Lyme Green Heat also partners with a select group of licensed plumbers and electricians to create a highly skilled installation team.

What maintenance will my pellet boiler require?

Similar to a fossil fuel boiler, your pellet system will require annual cleaning and maintenance from Lyme Green Heat. You will need to empty the ash bin, at intervals determined by the characteristics and volume of the pellets burned; with high quality premium pellets uncontaminated with non-combustible inorganics like silica, you should have to empty your ash bin once every 2.5-3 tons of pellets burned. This is an easy task plus the ash is a good fertilizer for your garden or lawn.

How do the rebate programs work?

Every state has a different rebate application; some states offer multiple rebates. Lyme Green Heat has helped dozen of homeowners and businesses apply for and receive these rebates. We will work with you through the process to make receiving these funds simple and easy.

Does the boiler heat domestic hot water as well?

Yes, an indirect hot water tank with the system is recommended.

Who will I call if I need repair or maintenance to my pellet boiler system?

Lyme Green Heat is your “go to” company for repair and maintenance needs.

Common Questions About The Pellet Supply

How will I get pellets for my system?

Pellets are delivered pneumatically by one of Lyme Green Heat’s bulk delivery trucks to a storage bin at your home. That bin can be in the basement or outdoors, depending on your needs and preferences. The pellets are delivered in bulk, not in bags, and are fed directly into the burner via an integrated vacuum delivery system. You won’t have to touch the pellets.

How many pellets will I need?

Well, that depends upon a lot of things. If you know how many gallons of oil you typically burn in a year, divide that number by 120, the approximate number of gallons with the same heat equivalence of a ton of pellets. So, for example, a house that burns 960 gallons of oil a year, will consume roughly 8 tons of pellets year. Your LGH sales person or tech can give you more information on conversion factors and annual fuel consumption.

How stable is the pellet supply?

Lyme Green Heat delivers locally sourced PFI premium grade wood pellets manufactured by New England Wood Pellet direct from the mill in Jaffrey, NH. LGH is one of the few bulk distributors partnered with New England Wood Pellets, and currently use NEWP as our sole source for loose wood pellets. With two additional mills in New York State, NEWP provides redundant sources for the pellets we sell, fuel availability is never a concern for our customers.

Am I required to purchase pellets from LGH, or can I get pellets from other sources?

You can buy pellets where ever you like. LGH makes bulk deliveries, which you’ll likely find useful. The systems we sell have computer controls which allow them to be set to give optimum efficiency based on the characteristics of the pellets being burned. It is recommended that you use premium pellets. LGH purchases pellets from New England Wood Pellet in Jaffrey NH. NEWP makes the finest pellet in the northeast. Along with their Jaffrey NH plant, NEWP owns and operates two plants in NY, this gives us a redundant supply chain.

How far can the pellet storage location be from boiler?

This is one of the many advantages of wood pellet fuel. Pellets can be handled much like a liquid. Our vacuum fed system can be up allow for the bin to be installed over 60’ from the boiler. This gives LGH the opportunity to install an AutoPellet boiler and bin in most any basement. Longer distances can be achieved through custom design.

Will my wet basement create a problem with my pellets?

Pellets must be kept dry. Damp basements are not a problem for pellets but direct contact with moisture will create a problem. If pellets become wet, they are ruined, and they can dry into a cementlike aggregate. From the sales to installation, LGH will take special care to make sure the appropriate storage bin has been chosen and installed properly to avoid any issues with moisture.