Lyme Green Heat at Work

Here at Lyme Green Heat, we have over a decade and a half of history of helping people find the right modern wood heating unit for their home or business. Take a look at what our customer have to say about their experiences making the switch to sustainable, affordable wood heating at home, at school, and at their place of business. Plus, we offer 24-hour service so you can feel confident we will be there when you need us.

The Montshire Museum

Norwich, Vermont

The Montshire Museum worked with Lyme Green Heat to install a wood pellet boiler system that has saved the museum between $10,000-$12,000 a year while utilizing a heat source that is both renewable and locally sourced.

Gary Collins, Facilities Director

“By using local pellets, we are really contributing to keeping our spending in the local economy.”


Susan Howard


As a horticulturist, Susan feels a responsibility to make decisions that are good for the planet. She describes why modern wood heat to warm her home and greenhouse fits her modern renewable home.

Susan Howard, Homeowner

“The house doesn’t dry out like it used to. I don’t get any smoke residue or smell. It’s consistent. It’s a feel good heat.”


Green Mountain Bikes, Stable Inn, BigTown Gallery

Rochester, Vermont

Anni Mackay and her husband own three small businesses within a block, including a renovated inn with 14 fully climate-controlled rooms, powered by renewable energy—wood pellet heat harvested within 100 miles, solar, and heat pumps.

Anni Mackay, Business Owner

“We felt that using a pellet system would be more affordable and more efficient for a 14-room inn.”


Green Street School

Brattleboro, Vermont

When the Green Street School in Brattleboro, VT, switched from their outdated oil heating system to modern wood heat, they improved comfort and reliability while supporting environmental and educational goals important to their community. Clean, modern wood heat keeps every room in the school at an ideal temperature—never too hot, never cold. Kids are comfy, teachers are happy, and the community is saving thousands annually over oil costs.

Teacher, Green Street School

“We don’t have to worry about walking into a classroom that’s either freezing or broiling, like the ancient system we had. The kids feel better and stay focused.”