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Fuel & Heating Systems


The MESys AutoPellet boiler works just as any other boiler does, providing hot water to your baseboard radiation, radiators or radiant floor heating system, and providing domestic hot water for your kitchen and bathrooms.

MESys AutoPellet systems, which are fitted with de-ashing equipment, require only occasional dumping of the ashes from the automatic ash collection system. The ash bin is light, and the ash is good for your garden or lawn, so disposal is a clean and simple matter.


  • Fully Automated System
  • Automatic Ash Removal & Cleaning
  • Industry Leading 30 Year Warranty
  • 60,000+ Units in Service Worldwide
  • No Backup System Necessary


A Fuel for Today and for the Tomorrows to Come.

Wood pellets have all the properties that you would expect from a modern fuel. They are economical, convenient, environmentally friendly and crisis-proof. As a naturally renewable fuel, wood is the best solution for a reliable and sustainable heat supply. Pellets are the most convenient version of the naturally regenerative energy source that is wood. Waste material arising from wood processing in the form of sawdust is compressed to make small wood cylinders that are an ideal fuel for combustion.

What are Pellets?

Compressed, cylinder-shaped pieces of residual wood with a diameter of 1/4 inch and a length of 1/4 inch – 1 1/2 inch. These little “bundles of energy” have a high energy content and the ash produced is works very well as a valuable garden fertilizer. Wood pellets can be made from hardwood, softwood or a combination of both; Premium Pellets are very dry and have very little ash content. Burning wood pellets does not create chimney deposits as burning cordwood can; in fact, there is no smoke visible from the chimney when wood pellets are burning.


We believe that wood pellets should be the first choice for a home heating fuel, not an alternative. The northeast consumes 80% of the #2 heating oil that is consumed by the United States and 78% of the money spent on that heating oil leaves our region. When these fuel dollars are spent on wood pellets nearly 100% of these dollars stay in our region. Heating our homes with a locally sourced, renewable form of energy makes sense for the environment, our regional economy, and for future generations.