A full service, wood pellet heating company.


Lyme Green Heat has provided quick and reliable delivery of pellets as needed with no delays or concerns. Thanks!

Pellet Boiler & Fuel Customer


Lyme Green Heat is committed to reliability.

For the past 10 years, as LGH has grown we have made specific choices to make sure customers can count on our products and services.

We have chosen to source our pellets New England Wood Pellet who operate three mills. This provides a backup source for the pellets we sell.

We stand behind our installations and have chosen to primarily sell MESys Autopellet boilers with vacuum fuel delivery for their proven reliability.

In the event of a heating emergency, we offer 24 hour service. From fuel delivery to the installation and service of boilers, we want our customers to feel secure that we will be there when they call.

Lyme Green Heat is located pretty close to my home, and that offers a level of confidence.

T.B. Vershire


We’re your neighbor.

Lyme Green Heat is working hard to be your truly local energy company, in fact, that is why we are in the wood pellet business.

We are located in Lyme, NH and sell wood pellets manufactured in Jaffrey, NH.

When we heat our homes with locally sourced wood pellets, we are heating from wood grown in our region and managed, cut and transported by foresters, loggers, and truckers who are our neighbors.

This all means that your heating dollars stay circulating in our local economy and keeps fuel prices stable.ill be there when they call.

A modern, computer operated heating system that utilizes a local energy source that is renewable and provides a market for typically low valued wood that promotes “good forestry” management strategies for landowners.


Lyme, NH

Trees grow back, oil doesn’t.

Trees are a vital part of our carbon cycle. A tree is like a battery storing the energy of the sun, wind and rain.

The cutting of a tree does not end the carbon cycle, another can grow in its place.

Currently, in the Northeast, we add more to our forest inventory than we harvest each year.

A forest that is sustainably managed retains its ecological and economic value over time; logging does not compromise its longterm viability.

It’s just as easy as oil or gas but with a renewable fuel


Sutton, NH

Pellet Heat Made Simple.

It’s our motto and our mission to make heating your home with wood pellets as simple as possible. Due to the popularity of pellet stoves in our region, people often equate wood pellets with lugging and dumping 40lb. bags of pellets.

With our fully automated central heating system, no lugging or dumping is required.

Much like fuel oil & propane fuel is delivered by truck to a storage bin in your home, the pellets are then delivered automatically by auger or by vacuum system from the pellet storage bin to the burner on the boiler.

You never have to handle the fuel.

Having talked with several competitors it was clear that Lyme Green Heat would “walk the walk”
regarding prompt installation, ongoing service and easy communications


Vershire, VT

Pellets are our only business.

It’s what we know and it’s our passion.

We started this business selling bags of pellets on a flatbed truck and 10 years later we still service some of our very first customers.

We believe that wood pellet central heating is logical choice for our region.

In a world where the choices for heating systems and fuels can present you with a multitude of options, we have made the choice to limit our business to wood pellets.

We have invested countless hours in training that has led to a team of trained and certified employees, who have your and the environment’s best interests at heart.

Although there will be highs and lows in comparative pricing, it’s economically cheaper – short or longterm


Lyme, NH

Oil & Propane prices are volatile.

Pellets are manufactured regionally from domestic timber.

Pellet prices, as compared to oil & propane, have remained stable over the past decade.

Money spent on wood pellets stays circulating in our local economy.

A home that burns 1,000 gallons of #2 heating oil would burn approximately 7.5 tons of Premium Pellets.

Using average prices listed by the New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning, dated May 8, 2015, this would save the homeowner $800 for the heating season.