Local and Renewable

No one knows pellet heating better
than Lyme Green Heat

Heating System Service and Repair

We utilize MESys AutoPellet boilers with vacuum fuel delivery and storage solutions.

Commercial & Municipal Heating System Installation

Wood pellet heating just makes sense for commercial, municipal, and institutional facilities.

Bulk Pellet Delivery

Pellets are procured from New England Wood Pellet – three local facilities, one in New Hampshire and two in New York.

Heating System Service and Repair

In the event your heating system has a problem, we offer 24-hour emergency service.

Why Choose Lyme Green Heat?

We are committed to reliability.

As LGH has grown since 2008, we have made specific choices to make sure customers can count on our products and services.


Lyme Green Heat is working hard to be your truly local energy company; in fact, that is why we are in the wood pellet business.


The forests of northern New England and New York produce twice as much wood as is harvested, making wood fuel a renewable choice.


It’s our motto and our mission to make heating your home with wood pellets as simple as possible.


We started this business selling bags of pellets on a flatbed truck and over 10 years later, we still service some of our very first customers.


Pellet prices, as compared to oil and propane, have remained stable over the past decade.

We don’t just sell fuel and boilers.

We service, too!

In the event your heating system develops a problem, we offer 24-hour emergency service. We have trained, certified professional technicians on call to get to you when you need us.

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Financing & Rebates


Maine Energy Systems has several available financing options with Title 1 FHA banks that provide homeowners with the opportunity to quickly and affordably finance energy improvements.

Learn About Financing

Customers interested in central wood pellet heating systems for their homes or businesses can learn more about the technology, then work with an eligible installer to determine if a system would work in their location. Installers will help determine eligibility for rebates, as well as navigate the application process.

Learn About Rebates
Proud supporter of Northern Forest Center

The Center advances its mission through network-based programs to create jobs, leverage investment, and conserve forests for community benefit. Our program strategy focuses on locally grounded projects to secure tangible benefits for the region’s people, communities and ecosystems.