Heating My Business

We want you to focus on your business, school, or municipal responsibilities, and that’s why we offer low-maintenance modern wood heating systems that are efficient, cost-effective, and require little in terms of regular maintenance. Our flexible storage systems are designed to meet the requirements of almost any space and most business owners find they only need a couple fuel deliveries a year.

Boilers & Furnaces

Lyme Green Heat offers a vast array of pellet and log boilers and furnaces to meet your needs in the space you have. From compact systems that take up little space to larger designs capable of heating schools and industrial spaces, all of the products we install are reliable, efficient, and easy to use. Reach out to our team today and we will propose a solution to meet your needs.


Hargassner Eco-PK 70-120 kW Pellet Boiler

A large-scale boiler this model features state-of-the-art heating technology powerful enough for residential complexes, restaurants, and other public buildings.


Hargassner Eco-PK 150-200 kW Pellet Boiler

This highly efficient pellet boiler is ideal for apartment buildings and public institutions such as schools and businesses.


Hargassner Eco-PK 250-330 kW Pellet Boiler

The most powerful boiler in the Eco-PK series. The sophisticated and proven cutting-edge technology enables energy-saving, cost-cutting, and fully automatic heating, ideal for multi-family houses, the hotel/catering industry, and for commercial and industrial operations.


Hargassner Cascade Pellet Boilers

Connect up to six pellet boilers for significant advantages including optimal low load coverage, large output volume, and optimal price/performance ratio, especially in the medium and larger heating system sector.


Hargassner Eco-HK 70-120 kW Wood Chip Boiler

A powerful wood chip boiler for medium and larger output range, particularly suitable for use in agriculture, apartment buildings, public buildings, and the hospitality industry.


Hargassner Eco-HK 150-200 kW Wood Chip Boiler

This wood chip boiler is designed for the medium and large output range and is recommended for farmer, multi-family houses, public buildings, and other industrial institutions.


Hargassner Eco-HK 250-330 kW Wood Chip Boiler

The most powerful wood chip boiler in its class, designed for the large output range and suitable for use in commercial/industrial operations, apartment buildings, public buildings, industrial and local heating networks and many other areas.


Hargassner Cascade Wood Chip Boilers

Connect up to six wood chip boilers for significant advantages including optimal low load coverage, large output volume, and optimal price/performance ratio, especially in the medium and larger heating system sector.


Hargassner Single Container Heating Module

When space is an issue, a flexible heating container can efficiently store your heating system alongside your biomass fuel.


Hargassner Double Container Heating Module

Depending on your heating requirements, your heating module can be double to store a larger system and more biofuel.


MESys AutoPellet Staged Pellet Boilers

MESys AutoPellet boilers can be staged in parallel for large-scale heating applications. Savings are likely to be substantial for Staged Systems providing up to 765 MBtu/hr.


Efficient On-Site Storage

Lyme Green Heat offers several wood pellet storage systems to fit your space and building needs. With our fully-automatic boiler systems, you will never see or touch the pellet fuel. Many sizes and configurations are available; these options ensure safe, automatic, reliable movement of wood pellets from bulk storage to your boiler and efficient, easy, and economical heating of your buildings.

Hargassner Bag Silo GWTS

The bag silo system is a complete storage room system that can be easily placed in a boiler room or auxiliary building. This safe and effective system has a single-point suction pan with one pellet-suction port and one air-return port.


Hargassner Bag Silo GWT MAX

The GWT-MAX storage system has a flat bottom that is lifted via spring system to create a sloping floor. As a result, more pellets can be stored.


Hargassner Extraction RAPS + AUP

This closed pellet-feeding system features maximum safety and low electrical power consumption and is ideal for smaller storage rooms.


Hargassner Extraction RAS

This efficient auger-suction combination is used for larger storage rooms and features a safe closed pellet feeding system and low electrical power consumption.


Hargassner Underground Tank

A space-saving option with specially designed extraction system.


Hargassner Weekly Storage Container

A storage system that is manually refilled on a weekly basis, ideal for smaller spaces.


MESys FleXILO Classic

FleXILO storage bags are well suited for indoor spaces where space is limited. A vacuum fuel delivery system allows bulk pellet storage to be located next to or up to 66 feet from the boiler or furnace.


MESys FleXILO Compact

FleXILO Compact design offers the same vacuum fuel delivery system with an additional 60% storage capacity.