Residential Heating Systems

Our mission is to bring easy-to-use, low-maintenance modern wood heating systems to families, businesses and communities. Lyme Green Heat installs and services a growing variety of high-efficiency heating systems with vacuum fuel delivery and storage solutions to suit almost any space and needs. And with our wide range of innovative storage solutions, many residences will only need a couple of deliveries a year. And most importantly our team is ready to help you select and install the best heating system for your unique needs.

Boilers & Furnaces

Lyme Green Heat offers several wood pellet and log boilers and furnaces to meet your needs in the space you have. From compact systems that take up little space to larger designs capable of heating schools and industrial spaces to everything in between, all of the products we install are reliable, efficient, and easy to use.


Hargassner Nano-PK 32 kW Pellet Boiler

With a compact design and low temperature, this pellet boiler is ideal for small homes and places without basement space, as it does not need a dedicated boiler room. Learn More.


Hargassner Smart-PK 32 kW Pellet Boiler

This compact pellet boiler features an energy-saving ignition system while manual filling gives you individualized control with up to ten days of continuous burning. Learn More.


Hargassner Smart-HV 23 kW Wood Log Boiler

With easy-to-use touch display and sophisticated gasification technology, this compact log wood boiler is suitable for smaller homes. Learn More.


Hargassner Neo-HV 60 kW Wood Log Boiler

Excellent design and high-quality construction provide optimal functionality and performance in this residential log wood boiler. Learn More.


MESys AutoPellet Air Pellet Furnace

This standalone warm air wood pellet furnace is designed to meet the heat demands of households and is compatible with warm air central heating systems and existing distribution.


Storage Units

Lyme Green Heat offers several wood pellet storage options to fit your space and needs. With our fully automatic boiler systems, you will never see or touch the pellet fuel. Many sizes and configurations are available; these options ensure safe, automatic, reliable movement of the wood pellets from bulk storage to the boiler.

Hargassner Bag Silo GWTS

The bag silo system is a complete storage room system that can be easily placed in a boiler room or auxiliary building. This safe and effective system has a single-point suction pan with one pellet-suction port and one air-return port. Learn More.


Hargassner Bag Silo GWT MAX

The GWT-MAX storage system has a flat bottom that is lifted via spring system to create a sloping floor. As a result, more pellets can be stored. Learn More.


Hargassner Extraction RAPS + AUP

This point suction feeding system is ideal for smaller storage rooms. For larger rooms, more point suctions systems can be installed. Learn More.


Hargassner Extraction RAS

This efficient auger-suction combination is used for larger storage rooms and features a safe closed pellet feeding system and low electrical power consumption. Learn More.


Hargassner Underground Tank

A space-saving option with specially designed extraction system. Learn More.


Hargassner Weekly Storage Container

A storage system that is manually refilled on a weekly basis, ideal for smaller spaces. Learn More.


Silo Storage

Customizable to your location and usage, our wood pellet silos are the optimal solution to your storage needs. Reach out to learn more.