Lyme Green Heat At Work

Lyme Green Heat is committed to reliability


Since 2008, as LGH has grown, we have made specific choices to make sure customers can count on our products and services. We have chosen to source our pellets New England Wood Pellet who operate three mills. This provides a backup source for the pellets we sell. We stand behind our installations and have chosen to primarily sell MESys Autopellet boilers with vacuum fuel delivery for their proven reliability. In the event of a heating emergency, we offer 24 hour service. From fuel delivery to the installation and service of boilers, we want our customers to feel secure that we will be there when they call.

Ashburnham, Massachusetts

The Munroes’ existing system was a combination of an aging oil boiler that fed four zones of baseboard heat and a coal boiler that fed a cast iron radiator system. By installing a new, state-of-the art MESYS pellet system, they were able to completely remove the coal boiler while keeping the oil boiler as a […]

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