Pellets are a renewable natural product and with proper forest management we can ensure our fuel supply for future generations. Conclusion: Wood pellets are future-proof!


Pellet combustion is CO2-neutral. During the course of their growth, trees absorb CO2 that is released again during combustion – just like the natural decomposition that takes place in the forest.
Conclusion: Wood pellets are a CO2-neutral fuel.


The price comparison makes it clear: Wood pellets, the ecologically clean way to heat, are also economically attractive. At times, wood pellets have a price advantage of as much as 50% over #2 fuel oil and 60% over propane. Conclusion: Wood pellets save money!


Wood pellets are made of renewable substances, generally recycled wood waste. Furthermore, in the Northeast, forests are growing more trees than are being harvested each year. Conclusion: Wood pellets utilize millions of tons of wood waste and puts them to work!


Pellets are a home-grown natural product. With wood pellets, you are independent of international crises and global developments. Conclusion: Wood pellets are always available regionally!


The Northeast consumes 80% of the #2 fuel oil that is used in the United States. 78% of the dollars spent on fuel oil leave our country. When purchasing locally-produced wood pellets, nearly 100% of your money stays local, creating markets for low-grade wood and forest-based jobs. Let’s keep those heating dollars circulating in our region. Conclusion: Wood pellets strengthen our local economy.


Pellets are extremely easy to handle. They are delivered conveniently by truck, much like fuel oil or propane. The boiler is automatically fed by auger or vacuum suction system and operation of modern pellet boilers is nearly maintenance-free. Conclusion: Wood pellets are the most convenient way to heat with wood!


Pellets require only half as much space as cordwood and a 3-ton storage bin is about the same size as a typical oil tank. Conclusion: Wood pellets are a genuine space-saving miracle!


Pellets are procured from New England Wood Pellet – three local facilities: one in NH and two in New York.

LGH has three dedicated bulk delivery vehicles.

All trucks are owned and operated by Lyme Green Heat

One of the few bulk redistributes partnered with New England Wood Pellets. Fuel availability is never a concern for Lyme Green Heat.

Two, 28 ton pneumatic delivery trucks.

Our Customers consist of school districts, municipalities and apartment buildings as well as individual home owners.

Transfer/holding facility in Lyme, NH

Two bulk trucks; pneumatic offload 10 ton capacity with certified scales for individual deliveries

Delivery Requirements